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Let’s Move You From Exhausted To Exhilarated


You’re a lovely woman and daughter of God. You know you are fearfully and wonderfully made and God has created you for a purpose.

But you don’t have the energy and motivation to move forward and finish the day.  The emotional fatigue is keeping you stuck and creating chaos to your metabolic systems.

 It’s YOUR time to feel energized and motivated to fulfill the plan God has for you.

 I know the exact steps you need to take to restore your energy, so you can show up every day as the woman, wife and mother that God has called you to be.

 I’ll do the detective work to find the solutions tailored to your needs and you will make the commitment to yourself and God, to make step-by step changes.

 Together we’ll find the contributors to your fatigue, improve your ability to handle chronic stress and get you looking forward to life again.


Hello, I’m Tess 

I’m a AADP Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, as well as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and Christian Family Herbalist, who believes that the health God has promised us is attainable and our right and a necessity as women of God.

I truly listen and care about each of my clients. I know the symptoms your’e experiencing are often not even close to the actual issue.  I understand the frustration you’re going through when you are told that nothing is wrong.

What’s this mean for you?

I know how to help you identify the hidden contributors and and issues that are sabotaging your efforts, as you try to make changes to restore your energy and meet your daily deadlines and I have the functional-health knowledge and experience to extrapolate the data from your functional lab-work and apply it to a holistic/whole-body personal road-map designed just for you.

Together, we will address the contributors to those chronic symptoms that you just can’t seem to get a handle on. We will address the whole you, including your hormones, your digestive discomforts, inflammation, pain, trouble sleeping,  as well as low energy and the inability to handle everyday stress. 

I will serve as your coach and guide as you progress through a program designed to give you the knowledge and the tools to restore your energy and productivity again. 

My Journey Here…

 I am a self-confessed people-pleaser, who used to have difficulty setting boundaries, and never put myself first.  I was always the first to jump in and help someone or carry their burden.

Just like you, I struggled with managing family responsibilities, home and work.

One “big hurdle” and crisis after another began to take it’s toll. At first I was the “go-getter” on top of everything picking up what others couldn’t carry. Then stress of all these demands were exhausting and sent me spiraling into a state of fatigue that I couldn’t seem to climb out of. 

My weight increased, I developed joint pain and changing moods and worst of all I couldn’t sleep.  I didn’t like the person I was becoming.

One day after a Christmas morning, I found myself so exhausted, I could barely get out of bed. My family had just come through an extremely difficult season of life and I had been “going all out” to keep it together for everyone else. I had focused so much on what I could do to serve them, that I, myself was forgetting to trust God and take care of my own health. 

As Natural Health Practitioner of many years, I knew I was missing something, besides the faith piece, because all the things I knew to do, just weren’t working.

That’s where functional health principles come in. God opened the door for me to return to school , where I learned the rest of the story about balancing the body and how to view the objective data from functional labs to understand the “bigger picture” from a whole-body view.  I found the missing pieces to my health puzzle.

God also led me down a path of Biblical study to instill in me, my personal responsibility to take care of my physical body as well as my relationship with Him and I left Exhaustion behind.

Restoring balance to my hormones, by truly understanding the root cause of hormone imbalance how they became out-of- balance in the first place, as well as addressing my entire microbiome,  digestive and detoxification systems, and understanding the relationship that my physical body has with my brain, emotional and spiritual health was the key for me to “Go From Exhausted To Exhilarated”

Where I am now…

I help women restore their energy, increase their productivity and find their way back to the peace and joy they desire, by finding these hidden clues and coaching them through the my program.

Together, we ‘ll find the answer to why everything you’ve tried before, just doesn’t work.

I’ll collect objective data from your functional lab work to help you find the hidden contributors that are sabotaging your success.

I’ll provide you with the information you need and my personal holistic lifestyle road-map, which includes helping you develop the skill set to transform your body, health and mindset.

I’m fiercely committed to setting you up for success and coaching you through the steps to restore your energy, providing you with the knowledge and tools to be in charge of your own story.

The sooner we get started working together, the faster you will be on the road to feeling healthy and atrractive again. 

To get crystal clear on the vision you have for your health and to identify the roadblocks that may be sabotaging your success,  book a call to find out if we would be a good fit to work together and start your journey to wellness now.


If you are ready to dig deeper and commit to finding the contributors that are at the root of your exhaustion and health complaints:

Schedule a Pre-enrollment call now!

I  work with women that are ready to take the next steps to get to the root contributors of their health complaints and restore their energy. On this call we'll explore the options that will work best for you and if I can help you, I will invite you to work with me.

 I look forward to our conversation.

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