As I finished up my morning chores a few weeks ago and took a few minutes to look around and take in the beauty of the morning, my eyes came to rest on the shrouds of frost -covers I had placed over my garden. I likened the fatigue and lack of motivation many women feel to these frost covers, feeling like heavy shrouds. 

To tell the truth, the nights had become a bit cool and we had a frost warning out.  In preparation, I had lovingly covered the tender plants that have so generously been providing for my family over these past summer months.

It seemed that I just wasn’t  ready to give up on this green goodness, nor was I quite ready to embrace the shift of the season into the cold arctic air that will soon flow our way. This coldness soon to lead to the winter demise of my precious garden. It felt heavy, leaving me with a sense of fatigue and low energy in my spirit. 

I wasn’t ready to give up.

As I surveyed the frost covers, I felt an impression on my consciousness of the story of Lazarus.

If you recall, Jesus was met by Mary on his return  from praying in the garden. She was distraught for her dear brother Lazarus, as he had died. 

Remembering the story…Lazarus was only sleeping.

Just like Lazarus,  my precious garden is only sleeping. In the early throes of Spring, the sun will warm the earth and breathe life back into nature. The life sustaining goodness of green will wake from its slumber and as I nurture and feed the green, it will thrive and prosper. The shrouds of frost will be thrown off and the sleeping garden will thrive again. 

The impression upon me was strong, that we are much like Lazarus and my precious garden. 

We are only sleeping… 

As a matter of fact those stresses of life, the choices we make and don’t make; what we choose to nourish our bodies and our souls with, including, if we choose to ignore our health will impact our energy. Additionally, These choices  will  impact our personal productivity by leading to a lack of motivation and ultimately affect what we have left to share with others. 

Moreover, as we succumb to the effects of poor lifestyle choices, nutrition choices and surround ourselves with a negative life reel, we begin to feel more “limp”, lacking energy, feeling more fatigued  and losing our sense of vitality. 

Down the road we  lose our ability to handle day-to-day stress, losing patience with those we love and losing confidence in our own abilities. This begins a cycle of negative self-talk. And then we unknowingly train those around us to treat us the same we are feeling about ourselves.

The outcome of poor lifestyle choices can lead to losing our ability to handle day-to-day stress, but it’s not to late to recover it. 

What is more, the end result of a poorly “tended garden” is more fatigue, lack of motivation and a dread of the coming morning and the tasks at hand.


There often isn’t enough coffee in the pot to entice us to get up and get going in the morning. 


Are you feeling like you are dying in body and spirit?


Are we dead in spirit, feeling like we are dying in body too?


Are we like Lazarus or my precious garden… just sleeping?


There’s so much hope!


My sweet friend, we are only sleeping! 

Just like my garden, you are precious too. Therefore, you can throw of the “shrouds of frost”, be nourished and “sprout up” again. As you become nourished and your needs gently tended too, you can revive and thrive.

The fatigue you feel from a long winter of stress and lack of attention to your roots can be changed. Dealing with emotional exhaustion is real and is defined here

It’s not too late!


We have only to lift our faces to the Son, the Son of our heavenly Father and let the glory of Christ Jesus shine upon our face and breathe new life into our spirit awakening our desires for His love to realize that it isn’t too late for us to restore our energy.

We can restore our energy at the very foundations of our health!

Really, there is still time to make changes to our lifestyle and recommit to our self-care needs.

Learning to nourish our bodies in the way that God created our body to specifically benefit is not difficult. 

Time is still available to make changes to our lifestyle and recommit to our health.

Finding the root cause for your fatigue and lack of motivation is possible

Many tools are at our disposal that will  help us to develop new boundaries,  Furthermore, we can stop those negative mind-reels that bring us down and cause our thoughts to wilt. In fact there are functional- lab tests that can reveal what our very roots need. (…hormones, nutrients, neurotransmitters, digestive support)

As well as giving us insights into  hidden contributors that often lead to imbalances in our metabolic functions. Functions in our body such as our hormones, immune system, digestion and detoxification systems play a major role in feelings of fatigue and a lack of motivation.

Many of these imbalances contribute to the feelings of being emotionally and spiritually dead. 

All of these options are available to be explored and embraced. As well as embracing the truth  and recognizing God’s desire for us to be healthy and to have the energy to climb mountains and thrive.

God desires for us to be healthy and to have energy to climb mountains and thrive!

Let’s throw off the shroud! It’s time to  remove the frost protection and embrace health and life!

Find hope again, let go of the fatigue! 

I’m so grateful to know it’s not too late and I want you to know it too!

Regain your motivation and do those things you’ve only been dreaming of.

Working with women, helping them throw off the “shrouds of frost” and embrace the “spring in their lives” again is such a blessing.

To find out how I work with women to help them overcome fatigue and overwhelm visit

Helping you find hope again and sharing the journey of health is my passion. I won’t quit and you should never give up either!





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