Go From Exhausted To Exhilarated

You’re a lovely woman and daughter of God. You were uniquely created with love and you deserve the energy and motivation to be productive at work and home and feel healthy and attractive.

I help women women go from exhausted to exhilarated using whole-body functional wellness solutions from a Christ-centered perspective

You’ve arrived at the right place at just the perfect time

I hear you say, ” I just can’t do this anymore”

I understand when you run out of patience with your family by the end of the day and regret yelling or raising your voice yet again.

I hear your frustration when you dread going home at the end of the work day, because you know you don’t have the energy to make a healthy meal or spend time with your kids and you just want to have a little alone time and go to bed. 

I understand when you find yourself complaining, harboring negative thoughts and feeling increasingly resentful, making yourself feel even worse. 

I am here to help you overcome that nagging fatigue and overwhelm that keeps you from being productive both at work and home and feeling healthy & attractive. 

Because if you lack the energy and physical wellness to take care of yourself and take care of your family, you’ll feel ineffective and unsuccessful in the life you’ve been called to lead.

♥ Your body doesn’t have to feel like it isn’t cooperating anymore.

♥ The number on the scale doesn’t have to keep creeping up or your clothes feeling tighter.

♥ You don’t have to keep searching for the perfect diet, supplement or quick fix solution to relieve your fatigue and digestive discomforts.  

♥ You don’t have to struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep.

♥ It’s your turn to kick anxiety, lack of motivation and low-energy to the curb. 

 Unlike new-age approaches, I offer whole-body-functional wellness solutions from a Christ-centered perspective.



I’m Tess

My clients affectionately call me “The Holistic Health Expert” because I help them get to the bottom of why they feel so tired, and why they experience many other physical and emotional symptoms and complaints.

I combine holistic and natural approaches to wellness with functional lab-testing (different from your medical doctor)  and I guide  my clients through a Christ-centered Holistic-Functional Nutrition program.

How I Can Help You

EXHAUSTED TO EXHILARATED, The Optimal Body Blueprint for Abundant Health and Energy

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Functional Health is a metabolic/Biology-based systems approach for women that are ready to get off the symptom roller coaster, take a Deep Dive into  functional- lab work data, identifying the hidden causes that may lead to your chronic health concerns.

This program is  1:1, Exclusive  Private coaching for women that are ready to commit to themselves, address the foundation of health and achieve their goals. Includes a whole-body approach with a personal blueprint, Functional Lab work, mentorship and accountability.


Enrollment opening  in February 2021!!!

Restore your energy, balance hormones, lose inches, get stronger, and feel absolutely incredible.
8-weeks to a healthier, happier you, slimmer you.
This group program includes 6-weeks of meal guides, delicious recipes, print and go shopping list, weekly group coaching, support and accountability. I help you create your own Optimal Body Blue-print and complete one functional lab-test with .pdf results and recommendations.

A Proven Method with Real -World Results


"I was ready to schedule Knee surgery. I couldn’t even walk down the stairs without holding on to the railing before I started this easy protocol. Now I can go up and down the stairs, no problem, no hand rail needed. Thank you for giving me my legs and my life back."


"My attitude was all over the place. My family didn’t know what they were going to get. Once I started this 90 day protocol and identified my body’s dysfunctions through Tess’ coaching and the lab test I ordered, I realized how out of balance my hormones were. My family is so relieved and so am I. I also was able to connect the dots to my unruly digestive system and I happy to report I am back on tract and feeling good again."


"I saw Tess’ information and was intrigued right away. I knew something was going on inside but I didn’t know what and I didn’t know how to heal it. So I worked with her and learned so much…so grateful I did it. I learned so much more about how our insides work and what to do to properly support it."



Fatigue and lack of Motivation like a Sleeping Garden
Fatigue and lack of Motivation like a Sleeping Garden

As I finished up my morning chores a few weeks ago and took a few minutes to look around and take in the beauty of the morning, my eyes came to rest on the shrouds of frost -covers I had placed over my garden. I likened the fatigue and lack of motivation many women...

Health Begins in the Gut
Health Begins in the Gut

Our Health begins in our Gut. Gut health is an important factor in maintaining overall health.  Furthermore, the functional medicine approach to total- health and balance in our body focuses on gut health as an important pillar in the foundation to health...

Should I Drink Coffee or Not?
Should I Drink Coffee or Not?

Should You Drink Coffee or Not?The question we often ask ourselves, is "should I drink Coffee or not? The advice we read or the newest study leaves us feeling more confused then enlightened.  Coffee is one of those things, you either love it  or hate...


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